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The municipality of Modalen is located in the inner end of Osterfjorden in Hordaland country. The municipality covers 385 km2, and has around 360 inhabitants.

Both sides of Modalen are mountainous, but there are two roads connecting to Eksingedalen valley in the south, and Lindås municipality and further to Bergen in the west. The distance from Modalen to Bergen is around 1 hour and 20 minutes by car. You can also get there by bus.

Activities can be found in Modalen all year around, whether you are seeking beautiful and majestic scenery or maybe you want the good social and cultural experiences. The valley is one of the gateways to the wonderful mountain area; Stølsheimen. This area stretching all the way from Voss village and Sogn, and are one of the most beautiful areas in the western part of Norway. There are a huge network of trails and tourist cabins in this area which everybody can use.

The county center, Mo, a small village which lies on the water edge is worth a visit. You`ll find some charming harbor buildings which include a grocery store, post office, doctor office and a restaurant. There are also overnight accommodations here. If you walk to the end of the harbor you will find an activity center “Bryggjeslottet” which offers excellent facilities. Swimming pool, sauna, bowling room, sports hall, training room and library was opened here in 2007. There is also a wide variety of arrangements, cinema and concerts all year around.

Modalen also have a popular fishing river, a well favored boat harbor with a white sandy beach, a beautiful wooden church and a wide range of exquisite hiking trails.

If you travel to Modalen you will guaranteed get a warm welcome and notice some of the most beautiful nature sceneries in western Norway.


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